A Unique Regional Specialty

Since the dawn of man’s civilization, food has been a vital part of society in rituals, ceremonies and the daily living. It’s been part of the development of man’s complex society. It ‘s been noted and observed that as man’s civilization developed his method and ways of preparing food has beome more complex and more tasking.

Food has also played a big role in the formation of rituals and ceremonies that man has come up with either to please the gods or to entertaion guests. There are more than a thousand superstition and traditional procedures that are connected to food. Because our society is never satiated with common things we sometimes even make our own superstition.

Some of the superstition connected to food is in the stage of preparing it. There are certain types of steps and procedures that involve the proper food preparation. Most of it sound absurd to some people but for every nation there is one kind of it.

Regional Specialties

Aside from superstition and eccentricities involved in the preparation of food there is also a notion that we call regional specialties or home grown food. Each country is known for one kind of food and that food is called a ?specialty.?

The U.S. is known for hamburgers and fries, the UK is known for tea, Italian’s are known for pasta. Every where in the world you go there is one kind of hearty culinary delight that’s out for you to discover.

Since we are on the topic of regional specialty, why not go for something that is quite basic in terms of preparation but is exquisite to the palate. Call it a twist in something quite familiar. Barbeque is quite popular anywhere in the world. And soometimes the only difference is the what happens to the meat before it touches the grill. And in a part of Asia where there are dozens of variations to the common charred piece of meat the Korean Kal bi stands out.

Kal bi is also known as Korean barbeque. Those who have been to this part of the world knows how Koreans fancy the spicy side of the plate. Kal bi is a cut away from the usual sunday barbeque because of the way it is prepared. Kal bi is marinated in a mixture of the finest Korean spices. Mixed together to create a harmony of sweetness, saltiness and jumpstart spice. Usually the meat is beef and it’s marinated overnight to make sure that the taste is absorbed to the core.

So when you’re visiting this part of the region don’t forget to drop by and try Kal bi to make your Asian adventure complete.

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