Aloha Kebabs

Everywhere in the world there is one tradition that stands out and makes a name no matter what people call it. In the U.S., it’s called a barbeque party and everywhere else no matter what they are called in essence it’s the same.

Barbeque is the way of cooking food by putting them in an open fire and charbroiling it until parts of the meat or whatever has turned brown or in extreme cases black. People all over the world have a special place in their culture for this kind of traditional and almost phenomenal way of cooking.

So how did barbeque become such a worldwide hit? There are theories but the reason behind all theories is that simplicity of design and the ease of process are what take the cake. There are differences in approach but the core of the way it is done remains rock solid.

In every part of the world there are people that cook out every weekend and enjoy a nice family get together. Most of these families have barbeques or trailer park barbeque cook outs. Some of these are more intimate and private but there are places in the world that have it like a tourist attraction or a public party.

In Hawaii, everything is supposed to be fun under the sun, the beach, surfing, water and of course the sun work as one to create a paradise of non-stop parties and fun. Everyday there’s supposed to be something that would keep you occupied while staying in the tropical island paradise. It is true that there are non-stop parties and unending flow of food as far as the eye can see.

So, how do the Hawaiians manage to keep the chow coming without having problems? The answer is an authentic Hawaiian barbeque.

The Basics

Every luau or Hawaiian party has regulars. Food stuff like roast pig, meat pies and of course all sorts of barbequed meat. One of the most common meat involved in this eternal party paradise is chicken and seafood. Since Hawaii is an ocean paradise chicken and fish are quite a plenty. Pork and beef are also present but because of the little land available for grazing cows and the little space available for raising livestock, chicken is the go to meat of the islands.

One special thing about a Hawaiian luau is that fruit is also included in the fray. Just like kebabs, the assortment of whatever kind of fruit, vegetable, meat and other sorties are a common sight in the grill. Hawaiian barbeque is not jus about the food itself but the other things that accompany it. Traditional songs and dances that are performed during these barbeques is what make the Hawaiian luau special.

Since pineapples are abundant in this part of the world, don’t be surprised if you’d see pineapples sticking out of the skewers every now and then.

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