Best Heart Rate Monitor For You

The best heart rate monitor neither come with the price nor with the brand name it carries. It neither measured by the number of features nor its color. Although there are some heart rate monitors that are indeed considered to be the best in terms of style, comfort, features, and price, the best heart rate monitor can only be judged by a particular user since not all heart rate monitor would fit to the needs of every individual.

To determine the best heart rate monitor for you, here are the criteria you can consider:

The basic. Since we are talking about heart rate monitor, the basic and most significant thing it should do is to monitor the heart rate. The style and a wrist watch image is also basic in every heart rate monitor. It may or may not tell time but most likely, heart rate monitors do have time. Other basic features include backlights, digital display, and water resistance among others.

Now, heart rate monitors are backed with functions and technology. Some of it includes more complicated data recording. Top models would record the lowest and the highest heart rate as well as the average heart rate and everything in between. Other heart rate monitors can count the number of calories you are burning and the total calories burned during the duration of exercise. Heart rate monitor of high class has the estimation of VO2 and altitude measurement.

Some heart rate monitors have memory banks that would store the data gathered during the duration of the exercise. Some would have much while some have less that still depend on the type of heart rate monitor. Others are computer compatible which means you can store the data of your every workout on your computer for easier monitoring and better analysis and progress tracking. The type of heart rate monitor with this feature is much expensive.

There are two components of a heart rate monitor: the wrist display and the chest strap. Both should fit to your body well and both should be able to work together by properly submitting data from the chest strap to the wrist display. Some are heart rate monitors are coded some are not. A good heart rate monitor is coded for it does not interfere or is not prone to interference to other monitors which could result to inaccurate readings.

With all these, getting the best heart rate monitor should come within you. You should be able to know what are the features you need and what are the features you don?t. By doing so, you can maximize the use of your heart rate monitor while reducing the probable cost of buying heart rate monitor with features you cannot even understand. Again, with all these features, getting the best heart rate monitor is not a matter of price and features, it is a matter of selecting the particular one that would suite your need without costing too much.

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