How Do You Treat A Problem Such As Athletes Foot

By definition, athlete?s foot refers to the common fungus infection that can be found between a person?s toes. Characterized by itchy, sore, cracked, and peeling skin, athlete?s foot is said to be one of the most common skin diseases experience by people across the globe. Aside from itchy and peeling skin on the feet, serious symptoms may include extremely painful blisters and bleeding.

Treating The Condition

Although athlete?s foot is a common skin infection among people, it doesn?t mean that you just have to get used to it. Once you have developed the skin disease, prompt treatment should be administered properly so the infection does not get worse or before you can transfer it to other people.

Experts say that athlete?s foot?depending on the case or the type?usually responds well to treatments. If you have an athlete?s foot and you visit a dermatologist or a podiatrist, he or she will advise you to treat the skin condition promptly to avoid further complications.

The treatment for mild case of athlete?s foot is quite simple. All you have to do is to apply an anti-fungi powder or cream the doctor has prescribed. These medications usually contain substances that kill the athlete?s foot causing fungi and can make the condition better if you follow the instructions carefully. Topical medications or topical antifungal agents that has miconazole, itraconazole, terbinafine and a keratolytic like salicylic acid are usually given to the patient to kill the fungus.

However, topical medications only cure the infection of about 30 percent once the medication is applied. That is why doctors suggest that the patients use the medication for a specific period of time for the fungi to be eliminated. Other topical applications may include Castellani?s Paint, Carbol Fuscin Red dye, and gentian violet to cure bacterial and fungal infections. If the case is serious, oral treatment with griseofulvin is usually advised because these provide long lasting cure.

Aside from curing the skin condition through the use of either topical or oral medication, a patient suffering from athlete?s foot can also treat the infection by keeping proper hygiene. The most important part of treating athlete?s foot is by keeping the feet dry at all times.

This is done to eliminate the places where the fungi usually thrive. You can do this by washing your feet regularly and by wearing clean, absorbent socks. You can also treat athlete?s foot by not using shoes that are too-tight or those made from synthetic materials or leather.

This will allow your feet to be properly ventilated. Whenever possible, wear sandals, or open-to shoes to let your feet breathe. You can also use anti-fungal powders and sprays to keep the feet dry and smelling clean.

You can also use alternative treatments such as a footbath or foot soak with cinnamon, goldenseal or tea tree oil to slow down the growth of fungi.

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