How To Treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a serious problem. People who have been diagnosed with it have found themselves unable to take control of their own lives, to the point that relationships are destroyed and jobs are terminated.

In certain cases, those with OCD are laughed at and ridiculed because their compulsions cause people to think that they are very foolish and weak. When we really dig deep into the matter, obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the most misunderstood medical conditions there are right now.

The good thing about obsessive compulsive disorder is that help is available. There are several ways to treat the condition so there really is no cause for worry. If the person is willing to seek treatment, that is. Since OCD is a behavioral problem, some people might not agree to succumb to intervention, either drug-related or via therapy, because OCD is usually thought of as something that is very minor.

How is obsessive compulsive disorder treated? There are generally two ways to do this. The first treatment is via regular medication. People with OCD are asked to take drugs like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft for a certain period or for the rest of their lives. Opposers of medication based therapy say drugs only make a person dependent in the long run and does not really address the behavioral core, bringing us to the second type of treatment ? cognitive behavior therapy.

Cognitive behavior therapy requires a lot of patience and endurance on the part of the patient and the people who surround him or her because it deals with the alteration of habits and the changing of mindsets. Obviously, this type of obsessive compulsive disorder treatment takes a relatively longer time to be successful. However, patients who have gone this route found themselves better placed after the treatments, because the method tackles the problem at the very nucleus.

Treatments for OCD vary according to the person who is taking them. One person might be asked to take medications alone or undergo behavior therapy alone, or he or she might be subjected to a combination of both. There is no single way to tackle obsessive compulsive disorder and each method is unique to the patient. Doctors will first have to study the patient’s response capabilities to certain methods before subjecting him or her to full treatment.

Having mentioned all of the above, the thesis here is OCD can be treated, which is really good news for its sufferers because they no longer have to be in the dark about the problem anymore. The best way to treat OCD is by getting more information on the condition, and not just dismissing it as mere foolishness. OCD, as its name says, is a ‘disorder’. Thus, it should be given special attention.

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