Mystic Aquarium: An Oasis of Wonderful Sea Creatures

If you are one of the people who love visiting the place called Mystic Aquarium, you will surely enjoy the new Mystic Aquarium that had opened in the early spring last year 1998. There are plenty of renovations made and was made perfect for all those who loves aquamarine life. Aside from all the renovations made, the visitors will now enjoy more than 3.500 new specimens of marine life coming from around the world. There are 200 species of different kinds and more than 34 exhibits that you can truly enjoy.

The famous ?island of life? which is Ocean Planet Pavilion has also improved. With new graphic and layout, you will not only enjoy the majestic scene but you will be amazed on how these spectacular facilities are made. You will see four exhibits that feature all forms of marine life.

The river in this particular area carry a 400 million tons of organic materials used as a habitat that supports different forms of marine life. You will also like this particular site as it appears to be real especially if birds are around. Children and adult are able to get close to marine creatures such as sea horses, crabs, mudskippers, octopus and many more famous aquatic living things.

You will also love the coral reefs found underwater. This is one of the favorite attractions. Almost 28 foot and 30,000 gallon of tank is the habitat for different types of fishes swimming around the brightly colored coral reefs. The reefs may appear to be real. Many are fascinated upon knowing that these coral reefs are only artificial.

You will also find coral polyps under the water scene. These are small and soft bodied animals living in a colonies. They are made up of calcium carbonate and in longer period of time, it grows bigger and bigger forming shapes. They are called coral reefs.

It also serves as an educational venue for students. Mostly, it is visited by many students for educational tours and research. With plenty of species, the student will be in touched with all the marine creatures from around the world. They do not need to go to different places in the planet to appreciate them.

If you are curious about the place, visit it now and experience a once in a life time opportunity to get close with all the marine creatures from around the world. You will miss half of your life if you do not move now.

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