Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

People who are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder have difficulty overcoming their condition primarily because their obsessions and compulsions are so intense that they cannot be controlled simply by stopping. If a person who has OCD decides to just stop what he or she is doing to tame his or her anxiety over a particular obsession, he or she might find him or herself in greater distress.

This is why OCD has to be tackled slowly. The fact that it is classified as a ‘disorder’, that is, a medical problem, we cannot just say that it is easy to overcome. OCD is a serious condition that warrants serious therapy, as well.

What causes obsessive compulsive personality disorder?

There really is no single source, nor have experts been able to pinpoint the exact cause. There are studies that show that certain chemicals in the brain, serotonin in particular, are low in some people, that’s why others are compelled to do the same things over and over again.

Serotonin is said to be the bodily chemical that keeps us from repeating ourselves too often. Some medications designed to treat obsessive compulsive personality disorder are meant to increase the levels of serotonin in a person’s brain to combat the problem.

Overcoming OCD

There are basically two ways we can deal with obsessive compulsive disorder. First is via medication. The other is via what is called cognitive behavior therapy.

Behavior modification is the goal of cognitive behavior therapy. What the treatment does is help people who suffer from OCD gain enough mental and emotional strength to say no to their obsessions and compulsions. Behavior therapy takes a while and may be a challenge to a person’s patience and endurance. However, its effects stay for the long term (as opposed to simply taking drugs to treat it).

OCD patients may also have to make frequent visits to their doctor, who then examine their progress and see what other behavioral techniques will suit their particular case. There is no single behavior modification method. Each therapy program is tailored to the OCD sufferer’s specific need and response capabilities.

Critics of medications claim that drugs only create a placebo effect on patients and have no long term merit. In addition, if the OCD problem continues, the patient might find himself taking drugs for the rest of his lives. Meanwhile, behavior therapy tackles the issue at the core. This is why this is the preferred method of treatment for those who want to overcome the condition.

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