Reebok Heart Rate Monitor

Reebok is a world leader in sporting equipment and apparel for sports and fitness. And when we speak of sports and fitness, there could be one important device to have: the Reebok heart rate monitor.

Since heart rate is very important during training, Reebok heart rate monitor assures you that every time you set yourself on training, you could get the most accurate heart rate reading anytime you want to. This would give you the idea of the status of your heart so if any discrepancy occurs, you would know and would be able to do something about it.

Reebok heart rate monitors come with the Softflex chest transmitter unless it the strapless heart rate monitor. But either you use the one with a transmitter or not, you need not compare because both can give you the heart rate data you needed.

Some special Reebok heart rate monitor models come with a cruise control training system that would automatically personalizes your target zone. Meaning, whether you are in a beginner, mid-lever or high intensity level, the Reebok heart rate monitor would adopt to your fitness level. This is possible through an alarm, both audio and visual, that would send a signal if you are out of your set zone.

However, Reebok heart rate monitor does not only serve individuals on training. Reebok heart rate monitor can also be used at home where you need to monitor your heart rate. It can also be used anywhere you go whether driving your car or taking a walk to the park.

For Reebok heart rate monitors are usually worn on the wrist, there are several features to add more functionality on the device. These include calendar, time of day, the current, lowest, average, and maximum heart rate, plus the percentage of the maximum heart rate, target zones, exercise functions, and more.

More there is a need to monitor the previous training records, Reebok heart rate monitors add memory as a feature. The memory would be able to record the minimum, average, and the maximum heart rate, the average heart rate per lap, and the time during, below, and under the target zone. With this memory capability, Reebok heart rate monitor would immensely provide you that much needed monitoring of your whole training.

Reebok heart rate monitor gives you the total training and home companion and would make heart rate monitoring easier, more convenient, and more accurate.

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