Reebok Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you are on a treadmill, doing your regular walk on the park or simply would like to know your current heart rate, there is one thing you need, a heart rate monitor.

Normally, a heart rate monitor is composed of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. These two works hand-in-hand to provide the most accurate heart rate reading- far better that the manual method. The transmitter is usually strapped on the chest that calculates the current heart rate. It would then transmit the data to the receiver which is usually worn on the wrist.

But sometimes, this type of heart rate monitor can give be very inconvenient to users since the strap may not fit on the chest. This is especially true on heart rate monitors that are only made for males and could not properly fit on the body of the female. And if the chest strap is not fitted properly, inaccuracy in reading the heart rate is very possible. So to alter this, there Reebok makes strapless heart rate monitor.

The Reebok strapless heart rate monitor eliminates the need to wear chest strap. This would free the user of worrying so much about the fit of the strap.

Reebok strapless heart rate monitor works by placing your finger on the wrist unit for several seconds. The electronic impulse coming from the finger would be the source of data that the heart rate monitor would use to determine the heart rate. Since this is the process, the Reebok strapless heart rate monitor provides an in demand only reading. This is different from the usual chest worn heart rate monitors that would give heart rate reading from start to finish. The Reebok strapless heart rate monitor would only give the heart rate reading whenever requested.

But even if the Reebok strapless heart rate monitor uses no transmitter, basic features and special features are still present. There are still the date and time display, the stopwatch or the countdown timer, alarm, calendar, calorie counter, fat counter, backlight, and more.

Reebok strapless heart rate monitor never loses the accuracy of telling the present, average, maximum, and minimum heart rate.

You may worry about the need to be interrupted during training for it requires you to stop and place your fingers on the device just like the manual method but the convenience it would bring and the freedom to move in whatever ways you want to without worrying about the strap is far better deal with the Reebok strapless heart rate monitor.

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