The Concept of Prototyping from Planes to Automobiles

Before a product is introduced to the public, the inventor has to draw up a plan and put it in paper. This is exactly what the Wright Brothers did when the first airplane was built and took off into the air.

More than a hundred years later, the airplane has evolved from being a propelled machine into one that is powered with jet engines. Today, there are planes that are used for private and commercial use but those that can travel more than four times the spend of sound are used for military purposes.

There were a lot of changes through the years that made this happen which occurred both in times of war and peace. In fact, the innovations made towards the end of the Second World War paved the way for the jet age.

This is done by reviewing the old equipment such as the V2 rockets and then reinventing it so that a plane can use the same principles in flight over greater distance and height. The aeronautical industry is not the only one that does this because other fields are doing the same thing, which is better known as prototyping.

Prototyping by definition simply means learning from things in the past such as an old design and improving on it. This will cost both time and money in order to perfect the system, which is the reason some car manufacturers only release, a new model every five years.

Some of the things designers and engineers will look at are flaws in the old model. This could be from customer complaints as well as reports from dealers in the field who received the owner?s vehicle and needed a repair.

The company may make recalls like what Ford has done over the past few years and the only way to prevent this from happening again is by correcting those mistakes.

When the people think that the errors have been corrected, it is time to test this by making one model and then seeing how well it performs through a racecourse. Sensors, cameras and the input of the test driver will be collected so this can be reviewed for analysis.

If everything goes well and the budget for the new model is reasonable, then the company can begin production. Marketing will just have to think about the name of the new car and the events to launch this, which will surely excite regular clients who have purchased a vehicle or two in the past.

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