The Recipe for Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue is a method of cooking done by placing the slab of meat over a fire. The person can use wood, charcoal or gas and after some time, this is ready to be served.

The secret that makes this meal delicious is not what was used to cook the meat. It is also not where the meat was bought. This is all goes down to the sauce that was used to make this stand out.

Barbecue sauce is what the person puts in the meat while it is being cooked. This should be applied when the meat is almost cooked and not when this has just been thrown in the griller to avoid burning this and no one could eat it.

There are many ingredients that could make this taste differently and these are all available in the nearby supermarket.

Is there a basic formula for making barbecue sauce? The answer is yes. This is usually made up of some vinegar, molasses, ketchup, mustard and some powder. The ingredients are heated then mixed then slowly painted on the barbecue while being cooked on the burner.

The level of spice really depends on the taste buds of the person and the geographical location where the people are from. This is because there are those who just can?t get enough of it.

The person should remember that the sauce basically adds flavoring to the meat. Some people marinate this in the sauce for a few hours before getting this ready for the cookout.

Barbecue sauce isn?t hard to make. The person may add a greater percentage of one of the ingredients and reduce the other. Some people even add a little alcohol or use a liquid smoke product.

Barbecue sauce is not only used during the cooking process. There are some who even use this as a condiment when the meat is served on the table. There are some restaurants who sell this to the customers and bringing a bottle home can help the person study the ingredients.

Is there one ideal barbecue sauce recipe? The answer is no. This takes trial and error and a lot of time and practice to master. The person can try buying these ingredients from the store then conduct some experiments.

The only time one will know if the person has the perfect sauce is when people give compliments and decide to come back for more.

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