Timex Heart Rate Monitor

What would you get when the heart rate monitor technology is utilized by one of the leading sports timepiece makers in the world? You get a one of a kind, technologically advanced, and world class Timex heart rate monitor. As a globally acclaimed company in the sports watch industry, Timex has ventured in making the conventional wrist watch into a heart rate monitoring device capable of providing accurate heart rate measurement in whatever field of training, exercise, and fitness activity the user wants to take it. The Timex heart rate monitor precise measurement makes it a great companion of athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

Key to this precision is the use of FM technology. Understand that a typical heart rate monitor is composed of two parts: the receiver and the transmitter. The transmitter is the one that is worn of the chest. It is also called the chest strap. It transmits the heart rate reading to the receiver which gives the heart rate reading to the user. The receiver is a wrist-worn device. This has several functions and features including the ability to send several exercise data like calorie burned, percentage of fat burned, and more to include time telling. These two parts work hand in hand to give an accurate heart beat rating.

But then most heart rate monitors use analog signal which is indeed accurate. But a more accurate technology is being capitalized by Timex to their heart rate monitor. The FM technology makes it easier to have a precise heart beat rating within 3 heart beats per minute.

This digital technology is also effective in assuring that the Timex heart rate monitor would not interfere nor receive interference with other heart rate monitors nearby. This in return ensures that every data the Timex heart rate monitor gives is accurate and synchronized.

Another good thing about the Timex heart rate monitor particularly on some specific models is the Timex Bodylink system. Other heart rate monitors use speed sensors to calculate speed and distance. But the with eh Timex Bodylink system, the distance and speed is calculated with the use of GPS satellite system.

There are more significant features Timex heart rate monitors have but the two mentioned above makes Timex apart from other heart rate monitors of any brand. Timex assures you get the best and most accurate heart rate reading while providing other functional features to every heart rate monitor they make.

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